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Amiga Operating System Research, more recently, to avoid disputes AROSA Research Operating System.

Open-source project which aims at the AmigaOS 3.1 API is fully compatible with the system to create an open basis.

The project was not born today, approx. Was launched in 1994, has since been able to PC n-run natively, or even Linux-i386, PPC Linux, or Windows hosted mode from work and finished the native PowerPC port, which is [ [SAM440EP]] n and Efik runs.

AROSA the source of the improvements have already been through many things during a closed-source AmigaOS in the MorphOS in. The "borrowed" parts of the project pending further developments, of course, "was returned."

AROSA desktopját called The Wanderer. AROSA part of the MUI open source reimplementációja the Zune as well.

The system is constantly evolving, sometimes faster, sometimes slower pace. In recent years, the growth of user numbers was loan modification that the system began to mature in everyday use, even though in many areas, significant shortcomings. The Icaros Desktop called pre-configured and pre-installed programs AROSA AROSA distribution also contributed to the popularity of growth.

External links

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  • [Http:// "unofficial" AROSA community site]
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  • [Http:// AROSA interviews, articles]
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