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(Attachments - map, potion mixtures, security codes - are on the end of this walktrough)

1., A few steps before you there is a man standing: BORMINH. Let's talk to him, and hire him.

2., Go to the harbour (it's North East on the river bank, before the teleport), give the sword from Aramir to Borminh, send him forward, to fight with the barbarian, who guard the entrance of the harbour. It's useful to kill the barbarian so, that Borminh also die - than you must not kick him out, or kill. Take the money both from them, and take the sword (back), and the dagger from Borminh.

3., Hire GOLNAL, XYLAZ, and AZIREEK in the inns (the sequence is important, otherwys the team will not let all this member into the group). This 3 charakters should be stay forward. Give the sword to Golnal, or Azireek. Listen to the conversations in the inns, because you will hear many interesting, and useful informations. This should be done in all inns!

4., From the direction of south (we face to north) go to the teleport and teleport tu Angarahn province. Kill the attacking goblins. Search the bushes a bit NW, and you will find a bag of gold. Circle the bushes, walking straight W, than S, until you see a lonely standing house. Let the attacking golbins to kill Golnal, and Azireek, than give the sword to Xylaz, take the money, and kill the goblins. Go to the house and take the chest of gold with you.

5., Go to NE, until you reach the river bank. Go to N, until you reach Fragonir province, then go further N, facing the river, until you find a bridge. Turn around, and after a few steps, you find KYRIELA. you should hire her, because she knows attacking, and healing spells (and she is looking hot! ;) - don't forget to stand her behind the fighter charakters!

6., Go further to N, and head back to the harbour. Select, and hire another charakters in the inns freely. It's useful to hire TARGHAN, because he is a good fighter. You can also hire the magic user DORIAN, , but one place can be also left free. Buy from the merchant a bow.

7., Go again with the aid of the teleport to Aragarth, in the village. Search for Jarel's ex-companion Akeer, who will tell the story, what happened in the last times in Kendoria, and what is your quest. Buy from the merchant in the village 5 ration foods, 2 armour, and give the armours to the fighters, who are standing front (food should be given for all charakters).

8., Go to E, to the river, search for the bridge in Angarahn, go over on it to province Lotharia. Kill the attacking bears, and go in the village. Buy from the merchant a chain mace, and 5 ration of arrows. If we didn't hire Dorian, we can hire UNKNOWN, who is an occult monk, and he has also attacking spell ability.

9., Search the bridge which is located NE from the village and cross it to the house in north. His inhabitant gives valuable information for you. In the bushes E from the house, you will find an another bag of gold. Go further E, following the river bank. You will enter a forest, where bandits attacks the group. There is an another bag of gold near the river bank. After a time, the forest ends. Before you go further, it's useful to save the game, becaues the program asks for protection codes.

10., If you got through, go further E, to the brdige, which is guarded by a brutal minotaurus. Take the bow, and shoot at him, and make the attack spells again him, until you have arrows/spells. After that, go on him with the fighters. Let Aramir out from the fight, bacause the life of the two other fighters is not so valuable. If one of them dies, you can hire Fragorns, which are standing near the bridge (But beware, because he will leave you after the first sleep in an inn!). A few steps south from Fragorn, in a pine woods, there is an another bag of gold.

11., Cross the bridge, and go further E, SE, to province Silmatil. You should run fast, to not fight with the barbarians, because your party is to weak for that, yet. Go further SE, until you reach province Urshurak. Search for the city, and enter (another protecting code asking, before we enter). You should choose the eastern gate. Here you will be attacked mostly only by one orc - this type of monster is a very strong one, so you should avoid the meeting with them, if you can. Near to the gate you find an inn, where you can hire KARORN, the paladin, who is not only a good fighter, but he can also cast healing spells. If no one from your "temporary" fighters (Targhan, Xylaz) has died, you should Xylaz sacrifice in the battle again the orcs in the city, because Karorn is a much better choise, and as Xylaz, as Targhan lower the party morale...

12., After you left the inn, it is recommended, that you fast leave the city, before another orcs show up. Go further N-NE. Soon we enter province Baldaron. Move further E, until you come through province Zendoria to province Halindor. Turn N, until you reach a village. Here it is recommended to hire ZELORAN, wo is a talented magician, and with 2nd level, and his Regeneration spell will be very useful at the end battle... In the village's shop buy a magic sword, and give to that fighter, who has the chain mace.

13., If you have much money, go further S to province Elwingil, and enter the City from the eastern gate. Here again you will be attacked by orcs, if you have luck, than only by one. If you can kill them, go further in the city, until you find the weapon shop, where you can buy 2 magic helmet for the fighters. If you have money left, it is recommended to buy one magic sword (+3) for one of your fighter.

14., The fifth charakter can be anyone - after a time, you must send him/her away. He can be a fighter, a magician, or even a monk, or you can hire OBARMON in Urshurak city. He is a cleric, and the only one of this charakter type in the game. It is not recommended to hire a ranger, because they are not very strong fighters, and contrary to the manual, they can not cast (even not on higher levels) spells.

15., Go trough Halindor-Zendoria-Baldaron back to Silmatil. Go further NW-W, run through the barbarians, cross the bridge, move further W through the forest, until you reach the village in Aragart, where you can eat, sleep cheap, and buy food for little money. Strenghten your party: the real story beings from now: you have the needed weapons, and defensive tools, and the ideal charakters.

16., Go to Lotharia in S direction, and search for Azalghorn, the ghost. He will tell many interesting things about you quest. After the conversation go E, and you will find near to the sea bank a rune tablet - from that you must collect (all) 5, if we want alive the fight again Krogh.

17., Search in the forest of Rhudgast the entry of the dungeon. Here, with the help of keys, and switches, we can open the doors, and collect the food rations, and potions in the dungeon. At the left wing, a corridor will be guarded by an Ogre. He will be a brutal enemy, but you can defeat him. In the room behind him you will find the magic flask. With it, you can make magical drinks. In the secon room you will find an another rune table.

18., After you rested your men go to Oshgirod. After you reached it, go to E, tan N, until you find a big, labyrinth-style bush complex. Go in. Here you will find money, and a strong fighter. After you killed him, you will find a helmet. Take it, and put on the head one of your non-fighter charakterx

19., Now you can go to the forest of Fimnuirh, where you will find, after a long search, Brozl, the lizardman. If you can defeat him, you will be rewarded with 5 rings, which will be very useful, because they will protect you charakters from the dragonfire.

20., Return to Aragarth and go N, until you find a merchant with a horse. If you give him 5000 gold, he will reward you with a drink. You will need it later. Go back S, cross the bridge, and enter Silmatil. Now, you can take it easy, and walk and fight with the barbarians, because they are no more so hard to fight, and we can collect money from them.

21., As you already noticed, the monsters, except the big ones always respawn ("born" again), after you left the province, and than came back again. So, you can kill them allway, collect experience, and money from them. You can do it, but I don't advise that, because that makes the games too easy, and it kills also the game experience, because it is very monotonic, and boring. I advise the following tactic: if you encounter them, don't run away, if you must go that way, but go not direct there, if you have no business there. That is realistic, and otherways, if you manage your gold good, you will allways have the money for the needed equipment.

22., It is now useful to take a visit to province Kandomir. Here, you will be attacked by goblins - which are far more powerful, the their pals in Angarahn... After you killed them, go to the house, where you met Jon, the alchimist. He es also an ex-companion of Jarel, and you can take from him a scroll, on which the magic potions formulas are. With it, and with the help of the magic flask, you can make a lot of potions (see the Magical drinks attachment!). If you mixed a bad coctail, you can put the flask on the desk bin (at the charakter sheet), and mix another potion. If you drank it, and your charakter became poisoned, you shuold load a savegame, or visit the psichonic healer in Oshgirod, or Halindor.

23., In the province Baldaron, if you fought way through the monsters, you will find on N the Speaking Sword (+6). It was used earlier by Jarel, and one time, you should also use - if you could pull out from the ground! I tried everything, but nothing worked. Even not with high level (10.) party, or with a strong (strenght: 20, dexterity: 20) charakter, but nothing worked.

24., If you feel your party strong enough, it is useful to go back to Urshurak, visit the city, look for the shops, the inns... Look for Olbar, who is also an ex-companion of Jarel, and he will also help in your quest.

25., Go now to Silmatil, and look for the giant in the N. He will be a hard enemy, but if you manage to kill him, you will find behind him a tortoise, which we will need later. After you took it, go to Zendoria, and giv it the the merchant, who are waiting in the woods. He gives for that an important potion component. I suggest you to go back for needed potion components, food, or sleeping to the western provinces (Angarahn, Fragonir, Lotharia), because the prices are much lower, than in the east. It is also useful to go back to the magic school in Lotharia and teach Zeloran the Lightning spell, because it is the best attack spell in the game (hits all enemies, which you see)!

26., If you have all components of the "Healing blindness" potion, go through Uldonyar to Gil-Aras. Here rules darkness, but if you drink that potion, there will be light in your life, and you will find the third rune tablet. In Uldonyar, you will also find a fire wizard, who attacks your party from far distance. If your charakters are strong enough, and you heal them, then there will be no trouble. His pal is in Halindor, near to the Teleport gate, he attacks you also with fireballs. It is useful to defeat all the two wizards, because they have a lof of money.

27., Look for, what is needed for the "Brainwash" potion, and buy from them 4 rations. Go to Zendoria, to the Forgotten House (It is located N - do not confuse with the house of the psichonic healer). Before you enter, drink the Brainwash potions all of your charakters. Yes, one potion is missing: the temporary party member will have no one... Enter the house, and the the fourth rune tablet. Leave the house. As you now see, there was a curse on the house, and who didn't drink from the brainwash potion, dies fast... Before this happens, take his belongings. (You can buy also a fifth ration of the potion, and drink with that charakter, but later you must kick him anyway out of the party, but with this method, you spare the problems with sendig a charakter away.)

28., Enter the village in Halindor, and look for Erwan, who is also an ex-companion of Jarel. He gives you a task: free his daughter, who is held in Elwingil, as prisoner. So, go to the city of Elwingil, fight your way through the hordes of orcs, until you arrive on a square. Here search for a door, which is open, and behind it you find Deloria, who is the daughter of Erwan. You have now an empty space in our party, so you can take her with you. Buy components to the "Abolish Charming" potion for one ration. Now go back to Halindor, to the father. You want enter Erwan's house, but one of your charakter don§t want let Deloria go away, because he fell in love with her. Drink the potion with him, and he will come immidietly to his mind, and so we can enter Erwan's house. As a reward, he gives you a key - which opens the door of the last, and biggest dungeon, which leads to Ishar!

29., This time should Zeloran already on high level. So you should teach him the Mental Shield spell. I don't remember, which Magic school it is learnable: in Halindor, in Urshurak, or Elwingil. After he learned the spell, take a lot of food and drink components with you, and buy the components for the "Change back from pig" potion. If you have much money, you should also buy one, or two magical armor (cost 20.000 gold/armor). If you have not so much money, don't care: you will find much more.

30., From Halindor use the Teleport to go to province Valathar. Go to the limit of the forest, and save the game. Go N, and count your steps. Suddenly you will be attacked with a lot of spells! Load the saved game, and go again N, so far, where you where not be attacked earlier. Now, use on your fighter charakters the Mental Shield spell, and allways renew it, before it's effect take off. Go fast N, until you find the attacking magician, and kill him fast. Defended with the Mental Shield spell, he cannot do anything again your party. (Your non-fighter characters will be cursed with Confusion spell, but don't care: they will not fight physichally, so they will not hit each other in your party.) The defeated magician guarded the entrance of the last dungeon, so it is now free. But, before you enter, you have other task. Go south near to the forest, until you meet a merchant, who is actually Zach, one of Jarel's companion. He gives you a flask, and he says, it will be very important for your quest.

31., After you said goodbye to Zach, go further S, until you arrive in province Fhullgrod. Here, another forest bandits attacks you. Do not let be deceived - theese are much more powerful then they pals in the Rhudgast forest. The Lightning spell is recommended against them. Look in the directions E-NE, until you find on a clearing a pig. Make the Change back from pig potion, and give it to the pig (Not with the "Give item" option, but click with the potion on the exit marker on the charakter sheet!). Let's see - miracle happens: from the pig a much more uglier creature, a witch will be! She is Morgula, the mother of Krogh (!), who wants join your party. Hire her fast. You must behandle her with extra care: her condition is very weak, so you must so often te feed her, as a baby. If you have no food with you, a strenghtener drink also works. Morgula has also the Lightning spell, which is still very useful. Her Anti-Krogh spell will be essential later...

32., Go back to the civilization, buy 5 rations to the "Worgaz" potion, and "fuel up" from everything, from you can use in a large dungeon, full with enemies. Now go back to Valathar, and enter the dungeon. Here a lot of enemies will attack you, also a Chaos Knight, but on this level, he well be not a big treat for your party. Collect the keys, and other items, and the money. If you arrive to the switch-complex, try, as you want (every switch operates two doors), or use the attached document.

33., Go through the teleport, turn left, and enter a chamber, where after putting the switch-button, poison gas floods out. So before that happens, drink with every charakter the Worgaz potion, and your party will can troguh that section of the dungeon. Collect all the money, that lies in the chests around. On the other side of the chamber, you find another key, and equipment. When you go back, run fast, because maybe the potions last not so long. It is recommended after that to return to the civilization and from that money (which is a quite a lot of) buy really everything, you need (for example now you can buy magical armors). From potion components, you only need for magic-, and strenght refill potions. visit in the city of Elwingil Thorm, who gives you five monk clothes. Take it, and behandle it carefully, bacause only wearing this can we enter Ishar.

34., Return to the dungeon, and in the room, where you find the fifth rune tablet, look for the secret passages. There you will find another keys, and also a Silmarils magic item - althrough for what is it for, it will not be clear... At the point, where 3 switches are, look out, and go to them only from N to S, otherways you will have some ugly spells in your face... This 3 switches should be so operated, that they open the sword-door.

35., Go on the long passage forward, but in the meantime cast Mental Shield spells on you fighters. Soon a medusa stops you, who attacks you with spells. After you defeated her, go further forward. After a few steps a big red dragon seal the way. Distribute the rings, which you took from Brozl, and with theese rings, the dragonfire makes not much harm to your party. The next location is allready the entrance of Ishar. Take on the monk clothes, and you can enter. Here, a magician attacks you, but he will be not a hard enemy. Before you go through the teleport, save the game, because after that, you cannot go back, and you have hard fights before you.. So, if you ran out of food, or rations, it is better to go back in the city and buy, what you need

36., After you got through the teleport, several main magician of Krogh try to stop your party. They attacks you with fireballs, and mental spells. If you killed them, beware, that all af your charakters have one of the rune tablets. When you go further forward, you will face Krogh himself. It will be a hard fight: use Morgula'a Anti-Krogh spell, and cast with Zeloran the Regeneration spells on your charakters, if you don't want, that they will be killed. You can also try to fight with your weapons again Krogh - sometimes you can hit him really hard. If you managed to kill the evil, the people of Kendoria will be very thankful to you, but that is an another story...




I., The regions of Kendoria (provinces)

! Ishar 1 Map-Regions.jpg

II., The sequence of the levers are: 5-2-1-6-1


III., The formulas of the potions:

Ishar 1 receptek01.jpg

Ishar 1 receptek02.jpg

IV., Security codes:

Ishar 1 protection codes -mini.jpg

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